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Posted by StealthSteve - September 12th, 2019



Posted by StealthSteve - August 15th, 2011

I've thoroughly enjoyed my summer thus far.


Posted by StealthSteve - July 25th, 2010

This replaces the level icons with user icons -- y'know, the ones you see on blog posts and reviews. Cleans up the stats on the side and colors the post headers according to the user's aura. Moderators and administrators are identified by silver and gold badges near the timestamp in the post header.


This thing used to work great buuuut now it kinda doesn't, so, I'm taking it down.

I might revisit this if/when the site's redesign rolls out.


obv no need to

NG BBS Greasemonkey Script

Posted by StealthSteve - December 23rd, 2009

This image is scrolling

A) upwards
B) downwards
C) clockwise
D) counter-clockwise
E) I E I O


Posted by StealthSteve - October 4th, 2009

hex 7r [???] cir 6r


Posted by StealthSteve - July 11th, 2009

Here are a few words in regard to a... "physical altercation"... that I found myself involved-in earlier this week:


beat Guzzi? in your wishes! i bloody my OWN fists bitches,
exposing which snitches deserve the ditches with the quickness...

NOPE, no fakeness, placing snakes upon pavements,
left em faceless from displacement for misplacement of my payments...

funny how they THINK the game is over
yet KNOW to keep eye-spyin over their cold shoulders...

small fries realize they're in the wrong
but yooouuuuu know these guys: SAME OLD SONG.

what kind of man bites the hand that helped him up?
A FUCKING SOULLESS NOBODY. yeah, that's wassup.

by the by i left an etch in the jailcell...
enough TIME to sketch? heh, yeah well........



Even after all this they still bitchin bout me,
like I tell my current girls, "go watch TV" /

Word on the streets is this kid got jumped,
funny but I heard it was a one man army who cuffed him up /

everybody comin at me like "U HAPPY NOW FAM?"
Nahh but my man Karmas happy go ask SG's hands /

They say cut the grass and snakes will show,
he Tool-Time'd the whole fuckin field with the Sit-and-Go

I'm nobody's co-D it was done cuz dude act phony,
Like X said, he do his dirt all by his lonely

I cant lie though, the way he pops off to everyone I chuckle
Only thing he fucked up was my mans fist and knuckles


"Fuck you, pay me."

Posted by StealthSteve - April 28th, 2009


alright alright

Posted by StealthSteve - February 6th, 2009

Hi guys, let's see how many more people I can get to hate me with this one. :| Now if I were you I wouldn't even waste my time reading this, especially since I go on and on like a fucking windbag (seriously, count how many rhetorical questions I have in there, LOL). No one is going to get me to alter my position, but HEY, if you feel like bitching me out some more then I'll leave the comments open this time around. Don't hold your collective breath for any detailed responses though, this shit here was distracting enough as it is. Rooby sent a message trying to talk some sense into me, but clearly, I am an asshole who cannot actually be reasoned with. Go figure.

RE: Hello.

At 2/6/09 1:42 AM, RoobyKillAll wrote:
: Now, first off I know you're already thinking "What business do I have even saying anything in this matter." But I do feel a certain amount of obligation as I'm part of the hip-hop society of NG. What you're proposing to do here may not break NG rules specifically, but don't expect anyone to listen or respect you over it when both war-spawn and yun have clearly stated politely that they don't want you rapping over their tracks.
: A good handful of the rappers here feel strongly about this and would really wish it if you didn't just walk in here like you own the place just because you've got a golden aura. It's a matter of respect and I personally think you've been incredibly rude to both war-spawn and yun, a really bad example for a mod to be setting. You may have an account from '99 but that truly doesn't mean you have seniority on the hip-hop page. The way you went about taking those tracks was just plain disrespectful and the hip-hop community including myself will not tolerate anyone waltzing in here willy nilly and feel they have the right to use whatever they want.
: You just simply don't have permission to use their work. It's simple as that. Sampled or not, it's a little different than just writing some words and rapping them. It's a whole production. So I assure you, no matter how much you feel you're right on this, you're not. And regardless of whatever you have to say about this matter is already decided and no one will hear what you have to say because nobody wants to listen to someone who thinks they're above respect.
: I've asked war-spawn for beats nicely, and he's been more than willing to give me stuff to spit on. Maybe if you weren't a straight up asshole about it he would've given you some dope shit to flow on. Now you're just causing conflict and upsetting more people than you think you are. It's just really not even worth it. These tracks actually mean something to real artists. Not only war-spawn or yun, but the whole beat making community. Some of their stuff they just want to remain instrumental and we don't want people waltzing in with that kind of "right" to just use whatever they like without even asking. You've no sense of courtesy. Just don't use the tracks man.

I realize that I've upset people over this situation, and for THAT, I truly am sorry. I'm not the type of guy who hops into shit LOOKING to rock the boat and make waves. I've never been that guy in my life... but at the same time I've also never been the guy to back down either, ESPECIALLY when I'm being approached with what I honestly feel is a stupid and rather INSULTING argument or request. So, for however much of an asshole as I may appear, I am NOT sorry for asserting my position. As far as I'm concerned, my rude behavior post-fact is the only valid argument any of y'all have against me.

One thing I despise you people saying, and it's been REPEATED by a number of you... is this idea that there's some huge difference in effort between making beats and writing rhymes. Y'all keep telling me there's a difference, y'all keep telling me what "REAL ARTISTS" are about. So really, cut the shit -- what is it that you people are REALLY trying to say? That I'm not a real artist? That what I do doesn't count for nothing? Is that what it is?

I hope you understand that brushing things off like "well rhyming is nothing but it takes effort to make a instrumental" is about as STUPID AND IMBECILIC as all the people who say "rap sucks, it's just people talking, they don't even sing, blah blah BLAH" ??? Do you understand this FACT? This FACT that y'all are chopping down what I do, shitting on what ***I*** put effort into? All of y'all want to remind me so much of how it takes time and effort to make beats and you shit on the process of writing and you shit on MY writing in your attempt to make that argument. I hope you fucking realize that. I'm being shitted-on here and I have a handful of people just WAITING for me to recant my position??? Well fuck that. Do you see 'WELCOME' printed sideways across the back of my shirt?

None of you have to explain to me what making art is about... I'm well-familiarized, THANKS. Sometimes inspiration strikes and the art seems to create itself... you could have a masterpiece completed practically in one sitting, something so great you're astonished at YOURSELF for even being able to create it. And other times... well, other times it can take days, weeks, months, even YEARS to put together one project, a burden of pain and passion all at the same time. I UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS WELL, DO YOU? The obvious fact of the matter is that yes... anybody CAN write rhymes. Not only that, but anybody can sing songs too. Anybody can animate Flash. Anybody can make beats. Anybody can paint pictures. Anybody can tell stories. Anybody can make jokes. Anybody can do anything, this much is a fucking GIVEN.

Clearly, what makes art ART is HOW people go about doing what they do. Anybody can do anything, but not everybody can do everything with significance. So when you people try to tell me, YOU TRY TO DICTATE TO ME what takes effort and what doesn't... well, that's when I KNOW you're full of shit and have nothing worthwhile to say to me. There's only two reasons for you people to try telling me what's what -- you either A) think my work is so shitty that it doesn't even count as art, or B) you've lost sight of what art is your-damn-selves. This is what has ME agitated. You're trying to make it out like what he does takes LITERAL blood sweat and tears, but what I do can be farted-out without so much as shifting around in the couch cushion. Well honestly, fuck y'all. I have no reason to be polite with people who think I'm nothing but a goddamn joke anyway.

Sure, WS approached me politely, REAL NICE, that's great... but that doesn't erase his reason for posting on my blog in the first place. It still just boils down to "cease and desist because I think you suck". So, figuratively-speaking, I couldn't give a fuck less about him keeping his elbows off the table when he's still just sticking his food-filled tongue out at me making faces. Everyone knows you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar... but that doesn't change the fact that someone's still out trying to kill that fucking fly! Is this too abstract for you? Do you get what I'm saying here? Do you or do you not see how I'M being disrespected?


Now as much as I'm pissed about people trying to tell me what art is, like I don't know what the fuck is what and like what I create doesn't take any effort or talent... as much as THAT pisses me off, it pisses me off even MORE than y'all are trying to crucify me over wanting to utilize things of theirs that aren't even fully quite THEIRS to begin with! Y'all keep telling me shit like "yeah well, what if someone took something you made and tore it apart huh?" as if that isn't how they create their fucking beats in the first place!!! Do you see how absurd this shit is!?!? Let me ask you this -- the artists whose songs they sample from, do you think those people EVER EXPECTED some random teenagers to be sitting at their computers tearing their songs apart? Do you think those people EVER anticipated that shit? So these dudes sample dozens if not HUNDREDS of other people's art, without so much as a notification or a head's up or ANYTHING... and they have the fucking nerve to tell ME that they don't want me touching "their" tracks? Well ho-ly shit. WS said that 'Protect the Innocent' was more than just music to him... well, I wonder what the loops and soundbites mean to the people who ORIGINALLY created them? I wonder what WS would say if those people approached him like "I don't care how you feel about 'your' beat or whatever the fuck it means to you... it's OUR material, dismantle your shit and take OUR STUFF out of it." I'm sure he'd feel MIGHTY INSULTED hearing that after all the time and concentration he put into shaping and crafting his work, as if all HIS effort was a fucking joke or something. Yet you people honestly can't see why I'm reacting the way I am? REALLY? Am I THAT far into outer space? So y'all just have ZERO CONFIDENCE in me, is that it? You think I can't spit it with delirium and turn hot beats into meaningful songs deserving of people's respect?

It is absolutely incredible to me how they could use other people's work, chop it apart and repiece-it in ways the original artists NEVER expected and probably never wanted... and then have the fucking GALL to accuse ME of potentially ruining THEIR work with my rhymes (before they've even heard them, no less)! Now what in the FUCK is that!? The people they borrow from NEVER saw it coming... yet you're honestly going to try to tell me that WS and Yun were like, caught off-guard by what I'M doing? Like they couldn't foresee that -- after uploading some instrumentals -- people might actually come along and make some rhymes for them? Like that shit is a surprise!? Am I dealing with a bunch of fucking retards or something? It isn't that I think my shit don't stink because I have a gold aura (seriously, who even gives a fuck about that anyway? stop projecting), I just think y'all are being a bunch of STUPID CUNTS is all, and I'd say the same shit with a blue or pink aura for all it really matters. Sorry for not being a "good example" for NG but I calls it like I sees it and y'all clearly do the same. You call me an asshole and I haven't even disagreed with that. You're spot-on in your assessment. Doesn't change the fact that your arguments are still horseshit.

And when Yun said he'd never been contacted, that isn't even true. I reached-out to him back in May. Here are the PMs (SCREENS UNO AND DOS):

At 5/2/08 8:54 PM, YunVeroz wrote:
: Cheers :)
: Yun (as you would say as if you were saying "Young", minus the g)
: Veroz (VAIR-rows, vair as if it rhymed with the word "fair")
: hope that makes sense.
: At 5/2/08 7:25 PM, StephanosGnomon wrote:
: : sooo yeah, what's the proper way to pronounce your name? for, ya know, the standard rap track producer shout-out.
: :
: : as an aside, i know there's a lot of producer talent on NG but in my book you're top 3 along with Zajed and Warspawn. you cats come out with some truly EPIC-sounding hip-hop beats... and i'm not one to throw around the word "epic" left and right all willynilly and shit like some other kids on the net seem to.

Do you see ANY concern in him for what track(s) I might be shouting him out on? Do you see him worried about what song of his I might ruin? Do you see me being disrespectful or a jerk towards him, or do you see me wanting to pay homage to people I consider great artists? WHAT DO YOU SEE HERE? Y'all act like I'm the one being disrespectful yet you're the ones trying to chop ME down, coming to my profile telling me MY WORK ain't shit? Well fuck that. I don't consider myself "above respect"... I just REFUSE to bow down and lick the boot of hypocrisy. In light of all this bullshit you can be damn sure that I'm still going to finish doing what I set out to do and that I honestly couldn't give a fuck if you say you don't want to hear it. If you don't want to hear it, don't listen to it. If you want to down-vote my stuff just to spite me, grab all your buddies and go right ahead. I'll still love and hype-up and want to draw people to what Y'ALL create no matter what kind of silly, bullshit arguments or hatred you have against me.


Posted by StealthSteve - December 8th, 2008

It's been several months since I've been on the BBS and over a year since I've made a news post or submitted any music. Don't hold your breath waiting for an explanation as to why because you aren't going to get one. Suffice it to say I'm back... for the time-being, at least.

It's pleasing to see that I've gotten a bit of increased attention since Color-Coded Killers was put on the Castle Crashers collection page as a special 'bonus track'. I sincerely appreciate all the positive reviews I've gotten as well as the fact that others found it good-enough to use in their own works. Lazyfeet used it at the end of his Halloween 2008 entry and lir10005 is using it as beginning intro for his upcoming machinima. I'm honestly a little surprised that it's gotten such good feedback considering how many NG fans dislike the rap genre.

Despite me not having contributed anything in a long time... the body of my work just grows larger and larger. Unfortunately, no one knows it because what's on scraps of notebook, dirty napkins, on the back of envelopes and scattered throughout random *.txt files hasn't been, uh... verbalized to waveform status yet. Basically I have a stack of material that's just aching to be recorded. It's frustrating in a sense; I keep writing and writing but never recording, and at this point I don't even know where or what to start with when I DO get back on the mic.


For now, just as a teaser, I'll list which instrumentals I already have material fully prepared for. Maybe putting this list here will motivate me to finally get back to the microphone magic. If you thought I had some odd shit to say in Illusion+Reality then your brain will be fricasseed when you hear the verses I have in store for these tracks. I'll list the beats alphabetically by artist since I don't even remember what order I wrote stuff in anymore.

Treadz [profile]
Alone in the Dark

War-Spawn [profile]
Classical or Hip-Hop?
For the World
Protect the Innocent
Tha Jump Off

Yun Veroz [profile]
I Kill For You

Project 103 (a Yun/War-Spawn collab)

Zajed [profile]
Sitting and Waiting

I also have a bunch of material written for commercially-released beats but I'm in the process of trying to find suitable Audio Portal replacements. I might just say "fuck it" and record over the original instrumentals though if I can't find any. Besides, it's not like I'm selling this stuff so nobody should give a fuck anyway.

The Alchemist
Let 'Em Hang

Dr. Dre/Mel-Man
The Watcher


Coffin Nails
Coltsfoot Leaf
Untitled (Meditation)


Hopefully soon I can get cracking again and strike some of this shit off the 'To-Do' list.

Wish me luck.

EDIT 2009.02.05 @ 4:26AM

LOL, so basically... after the little exchange below in the comments, I decided to ask one of MY boys for his perspective on the matter seeing as how this has become a smidgen of a public thing and NG has been my spot for ages. I figured, with all these people hopping on my back, maybe I really AM bugging after all. So I explained the situation to him briefly and showed him this blog, and this is what he felt like saying... I have to post it here because he doesn't even have an NG account as far as I know.

This is your man the Mayor on the record gonna set the record straight
Cuz sum of these broke producers tryin to show sum face
U tryin to get big and take back whats urs
But who the fuck are u, where ur awards?
You're a basement producer an MPC and a dream
but don't be scared ull be forgotten after a hot 16
I know what ur issue is, your not that conspicuous
But heres what the problem is, ITS ALL IN THE BUSINESS KID
This isn't your masters or a licensed LP
This is an internet forum for beats and MCs
You post up your songs and you upload your beats
But u beg people not to ride em like that wouldn't be a treat??
The thing where im stuck.... and help me if im wrong
Is a beats an instrumental but with acid it's a HOT SONG
So where is the foul?? And who did anyone harm?
Noone did nothing wrong except tryin to put together sum songs
So maybe im not hot and this isn't the acid yall crave
But if u don't help put people on ull be diggin ur own grave
Networking and talent is what everyone needs to succeed
So please let the boy steve take the pen and let it bleed
Give ur tracks that fresh life that they so desperately need
Or ull be stuck in your basement sampling old kung fu flicks
So please either get off of his nuts or stop bein a dick


LOL... thanks DTH. That's the Mayor for ya. :P

Comments are closed now because... eh, because there's nothing else to really say. It's all out there already. Whether you agree or not or whether you want to throw a silly verse back or not... none of it really matters.

I'm doing this, it's getting done.

Posted by StealthSteve - October 5th, 2007

Okay... there's no way I'm going to finish my album any time soon so I'm retracting the whole "not returning to NG till it's done" thing.


I recorded a couple more non-serious rhymes so as to get my mind off of all the actually-serious shit I spend most of my time writing about.

COLOR-CODED KILLERS - This is a rhyme I wrote over cornandbeans' entry for the Castle Crashers audio contest. Such a great beat I had to do something with it.

BACKFIST SPIT - I wrote this loosely SF II/online-multi themed rhyme to a beat that super artist MindChamber uploaded awhile back.

Also don't forget to check out my Mega Man rhyme from several months back...


If anyone has any interesting projects that could use a lyrical touch then get at me.


As for other stuff... got a new job, got new things going on, new dramas, blah blah blah and I'll be back to the NG BBS soon enough.