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Well played.

The rainbow gradient tee pulled the whole production together quite nicely.

Hmmm, no.

A 4mb submission that lasts ten seconds? It's called "compressing your audio", maybe you should try it out some time.

LoCo-StoNeR responds:

maybe I should - sorry.

Dark. Cool.

The music was a bit over-the-top for me, but it went well with the animation. Loved the style. Only thing to rag on is the end could have been a little more involved. Awesome work, bro.

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Lots of fun

Soooo I get all the achievements and THEN you add checkpoints to the escape? Blahhhh. :P

Nice little 'special reward' though... got my completion time down to 147 seconds.


This is totally awesome and I feel like a complete jackass for not getting my page back to you. :'( :'( :'(


I'm not big into dress-up games, but I know a well-made piece of Flash when I see it. Lots of nicely-designed outfits, and even "nekkid bewbie" options! Good job!

EmeraldTokyo responds:

LOL! Thank you for the good score. I look forward to impressing you with more of my work.

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Not going to write a novel here, others have already taken care of that. I think Scuare got this one.

The beat wasn't bad by any means, but I do agree with the folks that said the final round should have used a more energetic track. It's whatever though. Good job Big Red and everyone else, there was a lot of entertaining music made in this competition.


actually, i said "acting like you're not writing or even trying, clearly lying hiding two crying blue eyes behind your eyelids."

but really what's the deal with your name anyway? google 'The Bluest Eye' and see what you find. that's some ...odd... shit to take your stage name from.

personally i thought your first verse was pretty tough but the second one seemed super-soft... i'm a lil surprised how some think your least clever lines were the hardest. hmmm whatever, good battlin dude


flow was definitely crush on both sides, so well done fellas. having lyrics posted did boost my opinion for each, but HeIsAlive gets my vote based on overall delivery (enunciation points?). ill battle both cats

HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks for the review Guzzi.

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of these four "stuff on other stuff" photos, i think i like this one and the coffee one the best. i like how the girl is looking upwards in this one. interesting concept, i think i'm gonna check out this cat Vic now. good work!

GirlChinWonder responds:


I spelled his name wrong originally but theres his site check him out! and thanks, Yeah the image of her looking up and it being on a floor wasn't something I did on purpose but works. I'm glad you like it

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